Light Emitting Diode (LED) lamps are the most exciting new product in the lighting industry.  They solve many of the environmental, esthetic and technical issues of compact fluorescent lamps.

The long life and high efficiency make them an ideal solution for general lighting and hard to reach lighting fixtures.  Also the outstanding energy efficiency, compared to standard Incandescent reflectors, LED lamps reduce energy consumption by up to 77%.  The lamps optics also concentrates light on the target, diminishing wasted extraneous light.

The lamp life of up to 20,000 hours to 70% of initial light output is also a tremendous feature.  (Actual lamp life before failure may be significantly longer.)

The color temperature is the same as incandescent lamps making them more attractive in homes.  They have less heat, UV or infrared in the beam, reducing the potential for fading or discoloration of materials or décor, compared to halogen or Incandescent lamps.

New products also include a direct drop-in replacement for a fluorescent tube.

Store owners who have a large number of halogen lamps lighting there merchandise should look into this new technology.  Along with energy credits, LED lamps can save you money.